Healing Power Ministry

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He has never changed and will never change. When creating the Earth He created a garden and named it "The Eden". Eden means delight. Then God created His most precious creation, the man, and kept the man in this Garden of Eden. This place was a place of delight for God as well as for the man because they both had an intimate relationship with each other. Garden was a place of VERTICAL RELATIONSHIP for a man with God. But this relationship was lost when Eve was deceived by the deceiver, the satan. And man and woman were expelled out of the Garden of Eden and the vertical relationship was lost. But the story doesn't end here because God never gave up on His children and to redeem that Vertical relationship He sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ who by dying on the cross restored that Vertical relationship of the man with God.

Today through Christ we re-establish that Vertical relationship back with God our Father. Healing Power Ministry is carrying this message of restoration for more than a decade to many nations through crusades, church planting, discipleship training, books, and television ministry. Be a part of us to carry HIS work.

God Bless

Apostle Arvind Ephraim

Healing and Miracle Video Testimonies

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Breast Cancer Healed In Jesus name
Laxmi was possessed with many demons from several years but delivered and healed in Jesus name.
Deliverance from Evil Spirits in Jesus name during Flute Worship byPs. Arvind Ephraim
High Blood Pressure Healed in Jesus name
Knee Healed without medication and surgery in Jesus name
Healing from infected eye without surgery or operation
Born with Kidney infection from birth couldn't live one day without medication healed in Jesus name
Bald head healed in Jesus name
Healing Testimony of Pastor Hanok from Diabetes
Testimony of Pastor Ramesh Financial Miracle of a Pastor
Testimony of Pastor Dharamshingh on how prayer changes things.