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Demonstrating the Love of God

Healing Power Ministry exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping individuals find healing for the mind, body and soul, through "the living Word"—Jesus Christ— who transforms lives. He alone satisfies the deepest needs and touches and heals as He always has done.

Through our prayers, and speaking and healing services God very often heals those who come near to His Throne. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, is still touching and healing people as He did in the Book of Acts. Our desire is to represent Him to the Nations using various media, crusades and meetings, with the goal of reaching millions worldwide with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and be part of fulfilling the great commission.

Healing Power Ministry is used by God to awaken and instruct, to encourage and rebuke. God has used us to do the miraculous to show He still reigns today as He always has. We preach the healing gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and we watch as He sets the captives free!

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Healings and Miracles

Healing from Epileptic or Seizures from 20 Years healed in Jesus name
Breast Cancer Healed In Jesus name
Laxmi was possessed with many demons from several years but delivered and healed in Jesus name.
Deliverance from Evil Spirits in Jesus name during Flute Worship byPs. Arvind Ephraim
High Blood Pressure Healed in Jesus name
Knee Healed without medication and surgery in Jesus name
Healing from infected eye without surgery or operation
Born with Kidney infection from birth couldn't live one day without medication healed in Jesus name